2025 plan leadership award recipient: Neka Creative for their work on launching the Chameleon Shoppes

Neka Creative is a brand development agency anchored on inclusion. The organization, based in the North Loop, provides smart, strategic solutions through inclusive marketing.

They also offer an annual pro-bono program called “Why the world needs your brand.” And when Neka Creative began learning about a new idea which became Chameleon Consortium, aimed at providing small businesses with pop-up retail space and brand exposure, it seemed like the perfect fit.

That relationship led to pop-up retail locations at Gaviidae Common throughout 2019 called Chameleon Shoppes. Throughout the year, beginning April 1 and extending through much of the spring and summer, local small businesses–many of which minority- and women-owned–popped up at Chameleon’s downtown retail locations. The initiative not only provided these businesses a chance at new audience exposure but also helped add dynamic, culturally-diverse retail to the downtown core. Neka set out to build a holistic brand worthy of a retail renaissance in the city’s core.

For their role in the Chameleon Consortium project, Neka Creative was selected as a mpls downtown council 2025 plan leadership award. It will be recognized on Oct. 1 at the mpls downtown council annual gala.

Earlier in the year, the Chameleon Consortium reviewed applications from several local business owners who expressed interest in expanding their products and services in prime retail locations in downtown Minneapolis. Making short-term pop-ups and long-term programs accessible to businesses who might not otherwise have the opportunity not only fosters inclusion in our city, it leads to enticing new experiences for thousands of downtown workers, residents and visitors.

The Chameleon Shoppes was launched on April 1. With approximately 50 pop-up shops in various high-profile spots throughout Gaviidae Common, downtown Minneapolis received a refreshing infusion of retail excitement.

Neka Creative donated pro-bono services work toward Chameleon Shoppes’ branding and marketing initiatives. As a brand development agency anchored on inclusion, Neka Creative’s work aligned perfectly with Chameleon’s efforts to enhance short- and long-term opportunities for minority- and women-owned retail businesses. Neka Creative’s work helped make Chameleon Shoppes possible.

Click here for more information on the 2025 plan.

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