pianos on parade

enjoy the music this june in downtown mpls

Pianos on Parade will place uniquely designed pianos throughout downtown Mpls in June. The pianos will be open for impromptu concerts as well as for programming with local musical talent.

Each piano is painted by local artists to evoke a “The Spirit of Minneapolis” theme. Over the past two years, Pianos on Parade had offered fun and exciting musical performances throughout our downtown community, ranging from music students to Minnesota Music Hall of Famer Lorie Line. You never know who will be performing downtown!

play your own performance—or listen to one downtown
(june 1 – june 30)

weekly thursday performances (12 pm – 1 pm)


Stop by for piano performances each Thursday throughout June for special musical performances at each of our downtown Minneapolis pianos.

Learn about the artists who painted these pianos using the theme of “The Sounds of the City of Minneapolis”. Check out their bios here.


sheet music provided


Take a look at several PDFs with sheet music. Play piano reading music off your phone or mobile device!  The beauty of the Pianos on Parade program is anyone can use the pianos to share their talents with the community. When you see a piano, pull up this sheet music and play!



222 Hennepin Apartments — Diana Woit

5th & Hennepin — Patrick Cavanaugh

ABC Ramp — Blake Brauer

American Academy of Neurology — Patrick Adkins

AT&T Tower — Jordan Anderson

Basilica of St. Mary — Kassy Skoretz

Brave New Workshop — James Johnson

Capella Tower — Yegor Ganshyn

City Center — Katya Cavanaugh

The Commons — Matt Blair

First Avenue — Karl von Gohren

First Covenant Church — Tom Kehoe

Gateway Park — Lars Carlson

Hennepin County Government Center-South Plaza — Rachel Brady – The Performing Inst of MN

Hennepin Theatre Trust — Mira Kehoe

IDS Center — Stephen Elsinger

KA/Finnegans Courtyard — Ray Kivlahan

Library Theatre in the Round — Grey Tison

MacPhail — Dave Hocker

Marquette Plaza — Ginger Larson

Minneapolis College — Pierce McIntyre

Minneapolis Convention Center — Jenna Graves

St. Olaf Catholic Church — Garrett Lesnar

Stone Arch Bridge — Spencer Charles Miller







222 Hennepin Apartments — Jordan Anderson

5th & Hennepin — Zach Sands

ABC Ramp — Grey Tison

American Academy of Neurology — Kassy Skoretz

AT&T Tower — James Johnson

Basilica of St. Mary — Diana Woit

Brave New Workshop — Patrick Adkins

Capella Tower — Patrick Cavanaugh

City Center — Yegor Ganshyn

The Commons — Garrett Lesnar

First Avenue — Katya Cavanaugh

First Covenant Church — Mira Kehoe

Gateway Park  — Karl von Gohren

Hennepin County Government Center-South Plaza — Tom Kehoe

Hennepin Theatre Trust — Ray Kivlahan

IDS Center — Stephen Elsinger

KA/Finnegans Courtyard — Dave Hocker

Library Theatre in the Round — Ginger Larson

MacPhail — Jenna Graves

Marquette Plaza — Spencer Charles Miller

Minneapolis College — Bridgette Cook-Jones

Minneapolis Convention Center — Pierce McIntyre

St. Olaf Catholic Church — Matt Blair

Stone Arch Bridge — Lars Carlson






222 Hennepin Apartments — Patrick Adkins

5th & Hennepin — Orv Pibbs

ABC Ramp — Jenna Graves

American Academy of Neurology — Stephen Elsinger

AT&T Tower — Kassy Skoretz

Basilica of St. Mary — Yegor Ganshyn

Brave New Workshop — Diana Woit

Capella Tower — Jordan Anderson

City Center — Zach Sands

The Commons — Grey Tison

First Avenue — Patrick Cavanaugh

First Covenant Church — Katya Cavanaugh

Gateway Park  — Spencer Charles Miller

Hennepin County Government Center-South Plaza — Mira Kehoe

Hennepin Theatre Trust — Tom Kehoe

IDS Center — Dave Hocker

KA/Finnegans Courtyard — Ginger Larson

Library Theatre in the Round — Blake Brauer

MacPhail — Benjamin Raye

Marquette Plaza — Garrett Lesnar

Minneapolis College — Pierce McIntyre

Minneapolis Convention Center — Matt Blair

St. Olaf Catholic Church — Lars Carlson

Stone Arch Bridge — Karl von Gohren



222 Hennepin Apartments — Kassy Skoretz

5th & Hennepin — Mira Kehoe

ABC Ramp — Spencer Charles Miller

American Academy of Neurology — James Johnson

AT&T Tower — Yegor Ganshyn

Basilica of St. Mary — Patrick Adkins

Brave New Workshop — Jordan Anderson

Capella Tower — Mark Z

City Center — Jenna Graves

The Commons — Ray Kivlahan

First Avenue — Tom Kehoe

First Covenant Church — Diane Zilverberg

Hennepin County Government Center-South Plaza — Dave Hocker

Hennepin Theatre Trust — Benjamin Raye

IDS Center — Keri Noble

KA/Finnegans Courtyard — Matt Blair

MacPhail Center for Music — Adam Daniel

Marquette Plaza — Lars Carlson

Minneapolis College — Bridgette Cook-Jones

Minneapolis Convention Center — Garrett Lesnar

St. Olaf Catholic Church — Pierce McIntyre

Stone Arch Bridge — Blake Brauer






Enjoy this 2016 music video by Jon Storm performed at our downtown Mpls Pianos on Parade locations

thanks to our partners and locations


The 2019 Pianos on Parade program was also supported by our host sites: 222 Hennepin Apartments, 5th and Hennepin – Mpls DID, ABC Ramps, American Academy of Neurology, AT&T Tower, Basilica of St. Mary, Brave New Workshop, Capella Tower, City Center, The Commons – DID, First Avenue, First Covenant Church, Gateway Park – DID, Hennepin County Government Center South Plaza, Hennepin Theatre Trust, IDS Center, Kraus Anderson-Finnegans courtyard, Mpls Central Library Theater in the Round, MacPhail Center for Music, Marquette Plaza, Minneapolis College, Minneapolis Convention Center, St. Olaf Catholic Church and Stone Arch Bridge.


don’t miss out on the fun


Over the past three years, we’ve had a collection of surprise performances like Lorie Line, Nicholas David and Mark Mallman, music videos shot by artists Jon Storm and Mark Mallman, and an incredible group of local (and visiting) piano players who shared music daily. Come find a piano and play throughout June!

While you’re here, don’t miss out on the opportunity to share your experience with others. Invite friends, family and colleagues to come with you, and post your photos and videos on social media using the hashtags #pianosonparade and #mymplsdt.

You can learn more by following @mplsdowntown on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Stop by our 2019 Pianos on Parade locations and share your music with our downtown!

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