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Throughout our 60-year history, we’ve had work plans that span 10-15 years and provide us a vision for what the future of our downtown holds. Intersections: The Downtown 2025 Plan was implemented in 2011 and guides our initiatives and missions for creating an extraordinary downtown.

Learn about our 2025 plan leadership awards and last year’s winners 

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Today’s 21st Century Cities have strong and vibrant downtowns. The 2025 Plan brings the community together to ensure Minneapolis remains competitive and thriving today, tomorrow and in the decades to come. That includes public, private and non-profit businesses, residents and stakeholders alike working as one.


The 2025 Plan has 10 core initiatives that focus on downtown development, greening and public realm, downtown experience, transportation, ending street homelessness and launching a festival of ideas. These initiatives work hand-in-hand to create a flourishing downtown environment for those who live, work, play and explore here. Read the full 2025 Plan.


Our 2025 plan network works year-round to produce events, advocate for legislation, build connections and much more—all of which helps our downtown thrive. When you visit, you’ll see The 2025 Plan influence in new office buildings, the growing residential population, enhanced transit, The Commons, Nicollet and more. Learn more about our 2025 plan’s past and future work.

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The 2025 Plan looks to the future, is a vessel for progress, brings work groups together and strives for an inclusive community. It advocates for a safe and vibrant community, acts as a voice for local businesses, and helps instill a residential feel for our five downtown neighborhoods. Because of this, its goals indirectly overlap with many other mpls downtown council initiatives and collaborations taking place in downtown each year. Programs like Pianos on Parade, Go Outside with Hennepin County, Made Here MN, Aquatennial, Holidazzle, The Minneapolis Big Build and many others work in unison with The 2025 Plan to create an extraordinary downtown.

Stone Arch Bridge and Downtown Minneapolis

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The mpls downtown council’s 2025 plan offers engagement opportunities for our downtown community to get involved. Join us as we focus on development, greening & public realm, transportation, downtown community and ending street homelessness. Learn more about how you can get involved.

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The 2025 Plan’s six committees are comprised of people who live, work, play and explore downtown. If you’re interested in volunteering on a specific committee, we’d love to have you. Learn More

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We’ve seen great progress in The 2025 Plan, and as we look ahead to 2023 we are continuing to put a focus on enhanced and engaging year-round programming throughout downtown. Our downtown residential population now tops 56,000. We’re coming off 11 consecutive years of new construction permits topping $1 billion in the city, and major projects in our city’s core like The Dayton’s Project and RBC Gateway are examples of incredible investment in our downtown’s future. WaterWorks along the Mississippi River, The Commons and Gold Medal Park in East Town, Loring Park, the Mpls Sculpture Garden, and Peavey Plaza are all incredible outdoor public spaces. We have more than 400 restaurants and retail shops open, with new opportunities on the horizon. Thank you to all who are helping create an extraordinary downtown Minneapolis.




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