Helping those experiencing homelessness find resources and housing options is a key focus of the mpls downtown council’s 2025 plan, and ending street homelessness by the year 2025 continues to be something mdc and its local partners are working toward achieving.

Youth in our community continue to experience homelessness, and being able to help those in need at a young age is a crucial moment in time for helping provide stability that will ultimately lead to housing and employment. That window of time between 18-24 years old can be critical.

That’s why the Downtown View housing development, a collaboration between YouthLink and Project for Pride in Living, is so vital. The apartment complex located at YouthLink is providing that stability to local youth. Because of that important role, Downtown View was selected as a mpls downtown council 2025 plan leadership award. It will be recognized on Oct. 1 at the mpls downtown council annual gala.

Downtown View offers 46 studio and quad-style units that provide people 18-24 years old experiencing homelessness time, space and resources to help provide a foundation for a successful future. Many of these young adults have experienced homelessness during much of their youth and are at a pivotal crossroads for gaining stability.

Downtown View provides much needed services for these young adults to develop a plan to live independently. During their stay, YouthLink encourages learning to budget, grocery shop, cook meals and establish transit options. The first of its kind downtown, the Downtown View apartments are giving those in need stable housing during a critical moment in their lives.

Click here for more information on the 2025 plan.

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