SPS Commerce continues commitment to Minneapolis downtown as Skyline Partner

Based in downtown Minneapolis, SPS Commerce is leading the way in connecting trading partners around the globe as the world’s foremost retail network. To date, more than 115,000 retailers, grocers, distributors, suppliers and logistics firms in over 80 countries have chosen SPS as their retail network.  

While the company creates global connections, their headquarters in downtown Minneapolis contributes to their local and international success.  

“Being based in Minneapolis allows us to tap into the city’s business leadership, talented workforce and vibrant community,” SPS Commerce Senior Vice President and Chief Customer Success Office Karin Lucas said. “This strengthens our partnerships with companies throughout the retail ecosystem both locally and globally and aligns with our mission of connecting retail trading partners.” 

SPS Commerce is committed to the downtown community, and as a mpls downtown council Skyline Partner, they are helping to keep our city’s core extraordinary and moving forward. 

“By actively participating in the council’s efforts, we join forces with other members to create a vibrant and prosperous central business district,” Lucas said, “fostering an environment conducive to success for business and the community at large.”  

Tapping into the strength of the downtown community  

Headquartered in SPS Tower, the central location in the city’s core allows SPS Commerce to benefit from the talented workforce that helps make downtown extraordinary. 

“The area’s well-educated workforce and thriving business climate provides us with valuable resources and opportunities,” Lucas said. “The diversity of the community adds richness and inclusivity to our operations, making downtown Minneapolis a vital hub for our community.”  

While using downtown as a catalyst for growth, SPS Commerce continues to prioritize upholding their core values, including guiding customers to solve critical business challenges and empowering their employees to build rewarding careers. Within their organization they strive to cultivate a world-class culture that fosters a sense of community and prioritizes actively giving back to the community. 

These core values contribute to the overall success of the organization. Today, SPS Commerce is a $500 million+ publicly traded company with a market cap in excess of $7 billion dollars. They have been consistently profitable since 2009. The company has also posted 89 consecutive quarters of growth and expanded to over 2,200 global employees.  

Working together towards a prosperous future 

As a global and regional leader, SPS Commerce continues to play a key role in supporting and uplifting the downtown community.  

“Collaborating with the mpls downtown council allows us to actively contribute to the ongoing development and success of downtown Minneapolis, which aligns perfectly with our goals and commitment to making a positive impact,” Lucas said. 

In partnership with the mpls downtown council, SPS Commerce is dedicated to building a prosperous future for downtown and is committed to ensuring that the city’s core remains an enduring pillar of vibrancy for the region.  

“We are thrilled to be a Skyline Partner because downtown Minneapolis serves as a vital economic engine for our region,” Lucas said. “As downtown thrives, it has a positive ripple effect on the entire city, state and the upper Midwest.” 

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