Cordia continues ongoing commitment to Minneapolis downtown as Skyline Partner

Cordia has a long history of providing energy to our community.

For the past 50 years, Cordia has proudly provided the city’s businesses and residents with resilient energy that keeps them all safe and enables them to reach their full potential.

“Downtown Minneapolis is where our district system exists,” Cordia Director of Business Development Jim Durda said. “Our 14 miles of existing piping allows for adding more downtown customers, which translates to even more overall benefit for the consumer base.”

Their commitment to our city’s core doesn’t stop there. Cordia is a mpls downtown council Skyline Partner, helping to keep our downtown community extraordinary and moving forward.

“Being involved and building our partnerships is vitally important for us,” Durda said.

The past, present and future of Cordia in downtown

Cordia first began in Minneapolis in 1972 where they served the IDS Center and a few other centralized buildings downtown. They have since continued to build new partnerships in the downtown community and today support over 100 customers in the area by providing them with the reliable energy.

Each year Cordia continues to grow its Minneapolis system and this growth was recognized as the highest growth rate of any system in North America by the International District Energy Association.

Cordia has been a part of many great moments in Minneapolis history. They played a role in the lighting and heating of the Metrodome during the Twins World Series games in 1987 and 1991, and they did the same when the Super Bowl visited the Metrodome in 1992 and U.S. Bank Stadium in 2018. They also do the same at Target Center, and they have played a role as Minneapolis hosted two men’s and two women’s March Madness Final Four events.

Today, Cordia continues to be a part of Minneapolis history by helping the city to achieve its goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2040. Working closely with the city’s sustainability team, Cordia has created a new and innovate initiative that supplies Carbon Free Cooling to City buildings which they serve.

Notable buildings which are a part of Cordia’s customer base include the Minneapolis Convention Center, Target Center, IDS Center, City Center, The Dayton’s Project, Baker Center, U.S. Bank Plaza, Wells Fargo Center, Capella Tower, the Federal Reserve and many more. Cordia continues to strive for a more sustainable Minneapolis community by testing new technologies and innovative programs for a variety of industries and building applications.

“The centralized nature of Cordia’s systems allows for fuel flexibility and large-scale testing and implementation of new technologies that is simply not possible at the individual building level,” Durda said. “Providing these proven solutions to our community will benefit Minneapolis as we strive for a more sustainable community for the next 50 years.”

Continued commitment to Minneapolis downtown

Cordia continues to play a central role in providing reliable service to downtown Minneapolis through the long-lasting partnerships that they create. From popular stadiums to world-class hotels, Cordia remains committed to being a reliable source of energy for downtown while also striving to make the city more energy efficient.

Cordia has a new ownership structure which is heavily invested in breaking new ground in the industry. They strive to maintain their reputation of providing excellent service to their current customers, as well as building partnerships with even more government buildings, medical facilities, hotels, corporate campuses, universities, and other central systems for heating, cooling and combined heat and power. Their ever-growing partnership in Minneapolis continues to serve as a blueprint for creating new, mutually successful relationships.

And as a Skyline Partner and continued supporter of the mpls downtown council, Cordia also continues its ongoing support our downtown community.

“Working with the mpls downtown council helps show our commitment to the community,” said Durda. “The partnership opens news doors and reaffirms our community commitment.”

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