Workshops with Chameleon Shoppes

Starting in May 2024, Chameleon will offer a new workforce development opportunity for shop-owners, vendors, and partners across Minneapolis. This six-session workshop series will cover a wide range of topics relevant to small business owners, from continuity planning to brand design. Each session will be two hours, include provided meals, and be hosted in partnership with specialists on each topic. Registrants that attend all six sessions will be entered into a raffle for a small capital-improvement grant!


A special thanks to our sponsor, Wells Fargo, for your commitment to small businesses and downtown Minneapolis.

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May 21, 11am - 1pm | Financing and Bookkeeping

Choosing a financial structure for your business and tracking its’ success are the foundations to a sustainable future. Join us to explore funding and reporting methods.

June 18, 9am - 11am | Contingency Planning

Retail can be anything but stable- it pays to plan for what-if’s ahead of time. We will work through strategies like SWOT analyses and other risk assessments to build confidence in your preparedness.

July 16, 11am - 1pm | Brand Design

It’s no secret a business is not complete without a brand, but what does it take to build a memorable one? This session will brief you on the theory behind logos and other tools that represent your business.

September 10, 9am - 11am | Merchandising

Looking to set up shop? Even a pop-up display can be elevated with specific furnishings and engaging tactics, like sampling or demonstrations. Join us to think about what makes your business stand out.

October 8, 11am - 1pm | Marketing (Pt. 1)

For our two-part finale, we will discuss engagement and audience metrics to understand who your marketing is reaching and can reach. Come prepared to dive deep into Instagram, Facebook, and more.

November 12, 9am - 11am | Marketing (Pt. 2)

Now that we’ve explored who is interacting with your marketing, we can start to plan content. Campaigns can include hashtags, influencers, and SEO’s- we will go over how to select doable tactics for your business.

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These workshops are limited to a cohort of 25 people at this time. The application below registers you for all six sessions.  Applications will be accepted on a first-come first-serve basis.


Application deadline: April 30th