About Chameleon Shoppes




As a private-public group dedicated to the experiential and economic vitality of downtown Minneapolis, Chameleon Consortium pursues:

  • Short-term pop-ups and long-term incubation with BIPOC- and women-owned businesses
  • Co-designed spaces that are flexible, fun and fabulous
  • Breakthrough marketing for increased interest, excitement and traffic


Ready for prime time

The Chameleon Consortium is in the business of transforming empty spaces into equity opportunities for minority- and women-owned businesses. Get to know our Chameleon Shoppes located throughout downtown.

Prime retail space is ready to be reimagined in these great locations:

  • Baker Center
  • City Center
  • Gaviidae Common
  • IDS Center
  • Young Quinlan Building


From pop-up potential to long-term incubation, we are interested in furthering the ongoing success of downtown Minneapolis. To support this long view, several plans are under way to help businesses remain in their pop-up space and eventually move into long-term retail.

Diverse businesses can generate greater interest, excitement and traffic by:

  • Choosing to thrive in a sensational pop-up
  • Mobilizing their brand for a few months or a few months longer
  • Finding other audiences with other locations
  • Increasing brand awareness through mpls downtown council marketing

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