2025 plan leadership award recipient: Metro Transit C Line for improving the daily lives for members of the downtown community

Part of the mpls downtown council’s 2025 plan’s goal is to lead the nation in transportation options by the year 2025. Work continues to be done enhancing the local multi-modal transit options, and Metro Transit unveiled a new, enhanced option of that local transit this year with the unveiling of the C Line.

The C Line, a new bus rapid transit option, offers faster service and an improved transit experience. The route runs to and from downtown mpls and Brooklyn Center, and buses operate the route so frequently it barely requires the use of a schedule.

Because of its impact on local transit, the Metro Transit C Line was selected as a mpls downtown council 2025 plan leadership award. It will be recognized on Oct. 1 at the mpls downtown council annual gala.

Reaching the 2025 Plan goal of leading the nation in transportation options requires improvements to every mode, and the speed, reliability, and user experience of bus service into, through, and out of downtown is a huge part of that equation. The C Line Bus Rapid Transit line started service in 2019, and it represents a dramatic upgrade for downtown’s transportation options.

Buses run 25 percent faster and bus stops are substantially upgraded to include features comparable to light rail. These include:

NexTrip real-time departure information

Wider aisles with more seating room

Three doors so customers can get on and off quickly

Use of payment stations before you get on to keep buses moving quickly


Services like the C Line transform the experience of taking the bus downtown, making it a service with far broader appeal. This was a well-conceptualized project that is already improving the daily lives for members of the downtown community.

Click here for more information on the 2025 plan.

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