2025 plan leadership award recipient: Minneapolis City Council Member Lisa Goodman for her steadfast leadership of Peavey Plaza

Minneapolis City Council Member Lisa Goodman understands the importance of Peavey Plaza. The space closely connects her Loring Park neighborhood, Nicollet and the downtown core in one location, an engaging space in the public realm that can act as a quick respite for a lunch break, the venue for musical performances, or a group gathering under the skyline.

For much of this century, Peavey Plaza sat empty–the overall space untouched, the accessibility not up to today’s standards and the infrastructure in need of repair. The fountains, which once brought so much life to the area, were turned off for years.

Over the past decade, work by local leadership and collaboration through public-private partnerships helped make Peavey Plaza’s revitalization a reality. Today, those fountains once again sparkle and run throughout the day, and people once again treat Peavey Plaza as a must-stop destination downtown. Through the years of working to make that restoration a reality, Council Member Goodman was a constant presence advocating for the impact the space would once again have on the community if it could be refurbished.

For her steadfast leadership in Peavey Plaza’s revitalization, City Council Member Lisa Goodman was selected as a mpls downtown council 2025 plan leadership award. It will be recognized on Oct. 1 at the mpls downtown council annual gala.

Council Member Goodman was part of the Peavey Plaza restoration conversations since the very beginning. Peavey Plaza officially reopened this summer with resorted fountains and water fixtures, new trees, grass and planting, enhanced lighting and improved accessibility.

It opened in 1975 and was a gathering space for decades before accessibility issues and water pipe maintenance made it difficult to keep the space functioning properly. Over the past decade-plus, Council Member Goodman worked closely with local leaders and organizations to keep Peavey Plaza’s revitalization possible. When the space re-opened in July 2019, she was part of the ribbon-cutting festivities and was able to celebrate in a project she supported from the very beginning.

Peavey Plaza is again today a gathering space for all who live, work and visit downtown—a must-see destination that provides an incredible experience for those who stop by—and Council Member Goodman’s leadership played a major role in making it possible.

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