Ending Street Homelessness

The 2025 Plan’s Ending Street Homelessness Committee focuses on helping end street homelessness in the City of Minneapolis by the year 2025 while also providing resources to those in need.


In December 2017, the Ending Street Homelessness Committee announced the availability of funds to support projects that will substantially contribute towards meeting The 2025 Plan’s efforts to end street homelessness. These funds are intended to help people who are experiencing homelessness and living unsheltered. The deadline for proposals was Friday, February 2, 2018 at 4 pmHere is information about the Requests for Proposals, and here is the application form (will automatically download). Proposals were due back to Paul Verrette at p.verrette@houseofcharity.org.


Committee Co-Chairs: Joseph Desenclos – Minneapolis DID Livability Team & Mark Hamel – Dorsey & Whitney LLP


Key 2025 Plan Goals:




Extend housing and outreach efforts so that the 300-500 people who sleep outside or in inhumane places have shelter, treatment and job training that keeps them off the streets.



  • Education & PR Sub-Committee – The Education & PR sub-committee is working on a campaign that will help the general public understand the best practices for helping those experiencing homelessness through giving time and talent while also providing the proper channels of donations.
  • Downtown Engagement Sub-Committee – Focused on breaking barriers for getting out of crisis through meaningful daytime activities while also accounting for experiences throughout the day and meeting storage needs for those in need.