The letter below was sent by the University of Minnesota providing available information and resources.

Dear community and government partners,

In the last few weeks the University of Minnesota, like many of your organizations, has had to make many adjustments in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our shared commitment to helping the community remains as strong as ever. Whether through clinical trials, by using innovative technology to manufacture ventilators and masks, or by providing extraordinary support to medical professionals, our researchers, faculty, students, and staff are tackling COVID-19 with incredible resolve and results.

COVID-19 Website

The stories, insights, and expertise that are making a difference in our lives have been compiled in our new University of Minnesota COVID-19 website. I invite you to take a look at how so many talented individuals are responding to the pandemic.

University COVID Action Network

Many U of M researchers, staff, and students, while not engaged in medical work, have the capacity to support front-line medical staff with research, analysis, and idea generation. U of M faculty have created a system-wide University COVID Action Network (U-CAN), where people can sign up, identify their talents and be called upon as needed.

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