We love our hockey in Minnesota—that’s no secret. If we didn’t, we wouldn’t call ourselves the State of Hockey, and we wouldn’t dedicate an entire day to the sport each year. But we do both of those things, and Hockey Day in Minnesota has become something we all look forward to each year.

This year’s Hockey Day is Saturday, and there are always fun ways to celebrate. Some are staples, like enjoying high school, Gopher and Wild games playing on Fox Sports North. But others are new ways to enjoy the day. Tomorrow at the Wells Fargo Minneapolis WinterSkate, you can enjoy a unique way to spend your Hockey Day that you likely have not experienced before.

Join us at Loring Park on Saturday for free skating at the Wells Fargo Minneapolis WinterSkate. The rink itself is open beginning at 9 am, and you can either bring your own skates or use a complimentary pair from the warming house. There’s really not much that is more Minnesotan than outdoor skating in the winter.

But at 5:30 pm is when the true Hockey Day in Minnesota spirit comes out. That’s when a screening of The Mighty Ducks movie will be taking place at the Wells Fargo Minneapolis WinterSkate, offering you an opportunity to enjoy open skating while watching this Minnesota hockey classic.

I think we all remember the first time we saw The Mighty Ducks. As a young hockey player back in the early 1990s, it immediately became one of my favorite movies and is still a nostalgic favorite of mine today. Back then, it was about the hockey and the humor. Today, it’s also fun watching and pin-pointing where the scenes were filmed around the Minneapolis area.


You can actually make that part of your experience, too. We’ve put together a map that shows where in the downtown area many of the scenes from both The Mighty Ducks and D2: The Mighty Ducks were filmed (Plus, check out this article providing details on the different locations). It’s a fun way to get to know downtown while also thinking back to the scenes from the movie. We hope you’ll take some time to re-live the movie in person.

So join Coach Bombay and the team as they make the journey from laughing stock to champions in just a single season. See glimpse of City Center, Gaviidae Common, Parade Ice Garden, IDS Center and more when you watch, and enjoy this movie with your family. The best part about watching The Mighty Ducks is the memories it brings back of playing hockey and enjoying those moments with your family, and events like this offer a chance to re-live those memories while making new ones with the next generation.

We look forward to seeing you there!


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