pianos on parade returns, including a surprise performance on June 6th

The minneapolis downtown council is proud to announce that the Pianos On Parade series is up and running for the month of June! The 25 pianos that are scattered around downtown were by no means created overnight. There has been plenty of planning, painting, delivering, and a whole lot of hard work that has brought this program to life.

Pianos On Parade was a roaring success last summer, so it was decided very quickly that it must happen again this year. This summer, 25 beautifully designed pianos, which were all painted by local Minnesota artists, have homes throughout the heart of Minneapolis. The program is in partnership with Keys 4/4 Kids, who helped deliver pianos to their downtown homes for the month earlier this week. The locations of the pianos range from First Avenue to Hennepin County Government Center South Plaza to Peavey Plaza, along with other various locations throughout downtown. A full listing of piano locations can be found here.

Yesterday, June 1st, marked the beginning of Pianos On Parade. The program will run through June 30th, and the pianos will be available to play to the public every single day. As a part of the program, all 25 pianos will feature live performances from 12-1 PM every Tuesday in June. Anyone can sign up for one of these performances. Click here for more information.

In addition the live performances mentioned above, we are excited to announce a live “pop-up” performance that will take place on Tuesday, June 6th. Local artist Mark Mallman will be hitting the keys downtown from 12-1 PM at the Hennepin County Government Center South Plaza. Mallman, who has been described as a Twin Cities music icon, is known for his catchy rock songs. Mallman is a “must-see” live act, once winning City Page’s award for “Best Live Artist Twin Cities” in 2010. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled and ears open for Mark Mallman at a piano around South Plaza on Tuesday, June 6th during the lunch hour. Learn more about Mark and check out some of his music here.

Mallman is a locally based artist who will be performing live at South Plaza at noon on Tuesday, June 6th.


Pianos On Parade is off to a good start, filling the streets of Downtown Minneapolis with beautiful music from beautiful pianos. The locally-painted pianos are meant to be played on, so please feel free to sit down, relax, and play some music all month long.

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