Minneapolis park visitors have continued to congregate despite efforts to educate and encourage safe social distancing.

As a result, the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board (MPRB) has announced it is modifying or closing more of its amenities for the health and safety of park visitors and the community. Modifications and closures are expected to be complete by May 1.

Parks remain open however, based on public health recommendations the following amenities have, or soon will be, modified or closed:

  • By May 1: playgrounds, skate parks and athletic fields will be closed; tennis court nets removed; basketball court rims blocked or removed.
  • Already in place: volleyball nets will remain down and trail users need to remain 6 feet apart.
  • As weather warms: signage will soon be added at picnic areas to limit gathering to 10 people or less and signage will be added to disc golf areas with social distancing guidelines, similar to new guidelines at MPRB golf courses.

Learn more about the changes.