The mpls downtown council (mdc) announced today its platform statement for the upcoming 2017 Mpls municipal elections, which include the mayoral and city council races.

[Click here to read the mdc municipal election platform statement]

The platform statement provides a basis for three core issues mdc will watch closely during the election cycle as key topics that directly impact the success and vitality of the downtown core and the City of Mpls as a whole.

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“Downtown Mpls is the economic engine for our region, but its success is not a given. Hard work and commitment toward making our downtown a vibrant place to work, live and visit is crucial,” said Steve Cramer, president & ceo of the mpls downtown council. “For these reasons, we are committed to making sure these key elements of a successful, thriving downtown are at the forefront of the issues talked about during the upcoming mayoral and city council elections. Our community has prospered due to the tradition of public-private cooperation, and we look forward to fostering that same spirit in the months ahead.”

The three key building blocks of the platform include:

  • Safety: An unrelenting commitment to insuring public safety and a high degree of livability throughout the downtown community based on a comprehensive strategy of enforcement, outreach and engagement is first among equals in terms of conditions to ensure continued success. A strong, visible presence on the street of public safety related resources including police is essential to achieving this success.

  • Active, Welcoming Environment: Walkable, well-lit, “green” and active streets with attractive retail options, a vibrant “24-7” vibe no matter what the season, and a downtown where all who come to work, live and play are mindful of the respect everyone has a right to enjoy, creates the desired downtown experience. Significant downtown public spaces—Nicollet Mall, The Commons park and Peavey Plaza as examples—should model the activity and program filled environment that is ideal, supported by public and private resources.

  • Competitive Business Climate: Businesses seeking to locate and grow downtown, thereby creating economic opportunity in Minneapolis, will be less successful in doing so if the city is a singularly costly and complicated location to operate due to layers of regulation and mandates that don’t apply elsewhere in the region. In a time we are debating as a community how to meet future workforce demands, policies which foster a strong and growing economy combined with intentional efforts to connect residents with jobs will best meet our needs and address persistent employment disparities.

The Downtown community is a collection of workers, residents, visitors and local members of our region. Downtown’s vitality matters to everyone, and maintaining a welcoming, safe and energetic environment is critical. Leadership from the mayoral and city council seats moving forward will continue this mission, and making sure that downtown is an inviting place for everyone is a key part of making our city’s core strong and thriving for years to come.

The Minneapolis Downtown Council plans to reach out to all candidates running for mayor and city council positions to have a discussion about their stance on the three key issues outlined in its platform statement.

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