Jerry + Cyrus Carlson (Mole + Ratty, Meet Minneapolis location)

Jerry and Cyrus Carlson are a father-son team of public sculpture artists. They love most to construct traditional style Icelandic elf houses.

Dusty Dembley (Jamaican Character, Young Quinlan Building)

With a decade of experience in the design field and an A.A. in Interior Design, Dusty Dembley is dedicated to creating beautiful and functional spaces. She believes that each project is a blank canvas waiting to come to life through creative and intentional decisions. Dusty’s goal is to transform dreams and inspirations into reality. Her most recent project at Strive Bookstore is an example of her vision, where she successfully transformed a large space into a welcoming, comforting, and cozy environment.

Wil Natzel (Prince Nicolas, U.S. Bancorp Center)

As an artist and creator, Wil Natzel straddles the line between art and architecture. Wil’s diverse body of work integrates new technologies to create interventions that resuscitate contemporary spaces and artifacts that have been scraped of all embellishments and meaning. Drawing from architectural sources, he explore the cultural framework and natural phenomena that shapes us.

Alexandra Beauont (Female Russian Dancer, City Center)

Alexandra Beaumont is a textile artist and dancer. She was born and raised in South Carolina to a Jamaican father and American mother, both working musicians. She now lives in Minneapolis, where she makes work centering themes of personal reconstruction, community, and celebratory display. Her first solo exhibition “Version” was presented at Ridgewater College in Minnesota in the fall of 2022. She is a 2022 recipient of the Metropolitan Regional Arts Council “Next Step Fund” grant, and a 2023 Forecast Early Career Project grantee. She is a member of PF Studios in Minneapolis, MN and contributes to the development team of Public Functionary, a gallery, performance space, and café supporting BIPOC and LGBTQ artists in the Twin Cities.

Kada Goalen (Mary Poppins, City Center)

With 20 years of experience, mural artists Kada has crafted numerous artworks for commercial and community endeavors. She excels at merging her artistic acumen with client insights. Throughout her career, Kada has partnered with developers, business owners, art committees, and more to deliver dynamic murals reflecting client values. Her deep understanding of space and client needs ensures each mural is both meaningful and impactful.

Modern Day Me team of Jared Hanks and Simone Alexa (Humpty Dumpty, IDS Center)

Jared Hanks is the inspiration behind Modern Day Me. A consummate solutions creator and idea generator, Jared is passionate about facilitating connections among clients, creative, and community partners. He began working in public schools and facilitating youth leadership development. From there, Jared served as Head of Business Development for Juxtaposition Arts. His keen ability to connect with a diverse array of needs with creative solutions led him to launch Helping Hand Companies, which provides opportunities for young people to deliver labor and landscaping services in the community. And he lives his life according to his own thesis. “I don’t want to be a Modern Day Martin or Steve or LeBron. I want to be a Modern Day Me.”


Simone Alexa is an African American and Hawai’ian artist. Raised in a melting pot of diversity, Alexa has a unique perspective on representation that has inspired her to make work about empowering and healing black and brown bodies. In her work, Alexa deconstructs harmful representations of people of color by recreating her own definition of representation and bridging similarities between her culture. She uses identifiable images and symbols to comfort viewers and inspire the continuous fight against injustice and inequality. Through multiple mediums such as painting, drawing, digital illustration, and soft sculpture, Alexa re-imagines representation for Hawaiian and African American peoples. Alexa’s work discusses cultural appropriation vs. cultural appreciation.

Rachel Coyne (Card Soldier, Gaviidae Common

Rachel Coyne, a novelist and poet, is a graduate of the Perpich Center for Arts in Minnesota and Macalester College. She is devotee of Pablo Neruda, a lover of Don Williams songs, and collects vintage editions of Jane Eyre. Her published works include novels The Patron Saint of Lost Comfort Lake and Whiskey Heart, and children’s book, Daughter, Have I Told You? Rachel is no stranger to the art installation world as well, she has been a featured artist in the 2022 Art Shanty project in Minneapolis and will be featured again in 2023.

Stacie Kammerling (Fox + Cat, 60 South 6th Street)

Stacie Kammerling is a printmaker and designer based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Her art practice focuses on combining introspection and observing the natural world to encourage – and demand – both personal and collective change. She primarily carves linoleum blocks, which she then prints by hand. She believes the power of print can construct a map for the world we want to inhabit together.


Stacie is fascinated by the physicality of the medium and the rich history of printmaking. In particular, how the medium historically is used to question powerful institutions and foster accessibility in the arts. Through observational drawings and typographic explorations, she finds meaning in the act of searching for it.

Heather Cole (Pinocchio, IDS Center)

Heather’s work revolves around the reuse of materials, often plastic consumer commercial packaging. These items can be very intriguing and even beautiful–and often a mastery of engineering. Frequently, the packaging left behind is often more interesting and costly than the object it originally contained. Also costly is the sense that, for the most part, it is unnecessary and has contributed to an impending environmental reckoning.


Heather’s art practice is informed by her education, a lifelong interest in textiles and a career in the retail supply chain. She uses the particular media of discarded plastics as a reaction and response to the ubiquitous presence of plastics in modern life.

Darren Terpstra(Archive installation in Dayton’s Skyway)

Darren Terpstra is an artist/designer whose work comprises graphic art, painting, sculpting, photography, and exhibit curation. He is a native of Minnesota where he also received his formal education in visual communication. Darren has been working professionally in the corporate and academic world of art, theater, and design for over 30 years. His current work with the University of Minnesota Libraries Archives and Special Collections gives him the ability to elevate educational exhibits and outreach with the creative energy and verve of an artist.

Betsey Giles(Dayton’s Window)

The Rockin’ Octopus is how Betsey Giles personifies her creative spirit. A lifelong perpetrator, instigator and promoter of arts, fashion, and music, she is always getting her tentacles around something new. The Rockin’ Octopus is the spirit of playful creativity that is within all of us. “Explore, Create and Enjoy the beauty all around you every day!”