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Mpls Downtown is the cultural heart of the Twin Cities—home to iconic rock clubs, world-class museums, award-winning chefs, and a quartet of professional sports teams. Its Skyway network is legendary among office workers and its groomed riverside paths entice dog walkers, hoverboarders, and everyone in between.

Those are just a few of the reasons we fell in love with Minneapolis when we first visited in fall 2017 as part of a 16-month, 40-state, 229-city search for a new hometown. But it wasn’t just the marquee sights that lured us in; it was the independently owned shops, inspiring bars and restaurants, quirky art galleries, diverse farmers’ markets, and beautiful greenspaces. No matter how many to-dos we crammed into a day, the list of things we wanted to experience never got any shorter. And to this day, every time we drive over the Bridge and see that epic skyline glittering in the sun, we know we made the right decision moving here.

If it’s been awhile since you’ve explored Downtown, it’s high time you revisit because there are so many new and exciting things to discover. This guide highlights more than 10 notable openings across five essential neighborhoods: North Loop, Loring Park, St. Anthony Main, East Town, and the Central Business District. Each one is a reminder that the character, spirit, and resiliency of Downtown aren’t just found in its buildings and streets—it’s in the people who make them come alive.

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Ashlea Halpern and Andrew Parks are East Coast journalists who spent two years exploring Asia and Australia before embarking on an exhaustive 16-month, 40-state, 229-city search for a new hometown. After landing in the Twin Cities, they started Minnevangelist, a website devoted to spreading the gospel of Minnesota’s greatness. Follow their adventures on Instagram at @minnevangelist.

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