Updated: jan 20, 2021

We’ve opened January with an eventful couple of weeks, but as we look ahead I continue to be hopeful for 2021 and what this year will bring. Here in mpls downtown, we have good reason to see promise in what lies ahead. Our goal is to build confidence and gain momentum toward reanimation throughout downtown for businesses, employees, residents and visitors.  We at the mpls downtown council are working hard to foster conversations and solutions that will help our community maintain growing confidence and momentum in the weeks and months ahead.

We will have some headwinds this year that we will navigate, but we are approaching the challenges and opportunities alike with the same preparations and focus. Later this month we will award the mpls downtown small business grants. Through the program, we’ll help provide approximately $1.6 million in relief for downtown small and independently-owned businesses. In the weeks ahead, we’ll be sharing more around how we’ll continue to support mpls downtown through support of public safety and messaging.

As we continue to move toward full reanimation, know that we will be in communication about our work and our collaborative efforts within the community. We’ll also continue our member programs throughout, and you can learn more about our upcoming program on February 4 and our annual meeting on February 10.

Thank you again for your commitment to downtown. We appreciate all you’re doing to keep downtown extraordinary.

steve cramer
president & ceo, mpls downtown council


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