Holiday Village at Young Quinlan

This holiday season, join The Black Market Events, The Roho Collective, and Strive Bookstore for a month-long holiday market celebrating BIPOC joy, success, and creativity, on the street level of the historic Young Quinlan Building at 901 Nicollet Mall. Featuring 40+ local artists, makers, authors, and chefs, as well as a full schedule of special events, The Holiday Village highlights collaborative entrepreneurship and a community-oriented shopping experience. Visit the village and experience the gift of true joy. The market is supported by the Chameleon Shoppes initiative of the mpls downtown council. Chameleon’s mission is to connect, incubate, and accelerate BIPOC and women entrepreneurs as part of a movement to create a vibrant and inclusive Downtown Minneapolis.

Located: Young Quinlan Building – 81 S. 9th Street

Dates: November 25 – December 24

Hours: Wednesday – Saturday: 11 am – 6 pm, Sunday: 11 am – 4 pm


Makers Profiles:


Established in 1933, the Crown imprint is a leading publisher of bestselling fiction and critically acclaimed narrative nonfiction in categories that include biography and memoir, history, science, politics, and current events.




As the mother of a young child diagnosed with eczema, I was not comfortable with the medical recommendation to have them use a topical steroid cream. Facing the realities of my child’s age, symptoms and prolonged risks, I began researching what I could do naturally to ease the most burdensome symptom of itching. When I could not find a desired solution, I began the journey to create products myself using natural ingredients safe for children. Seeing success with my child, I wanted to make these solutions available for others having concerns like mine and desiring a natural option.

Benefits: repairs the skin’s moisture barrier, reduces the appearance of stretch marks and scars/dark spots, evens skin tone, eczema, it improves overall texture, increases elasticity.


I am Lakeesha Jones, a License Assisted Living Director and the Author of Grand Rising, a self-help book that offers advice especially for young girls, teens, and women. I choose to write my story, Grand Rising, because I had a hard life growing up, and as a black woman, I want to let other girls and women know they are stronger than they think, and they are not alone. After all my struggles, I now live a happy, healthier life. I want my readers to know they can achieve that, too.” I’m also the CEO/Founder of Soul Coaching Women.


Success begins every morning with a cup of Hersi Herbs. I’ve regained control of my life for the first time to wake up excited and now my mission is to create an accessible wellness program to also help others. Throughout my entire life, I have  lived without questioning prescription stimulants and caffeine intake until addiction made me very concerned. Over the last several years I’ve tried different diets to be caffeine free while also being a productive member of society. I’ve tried a few diets like keto, paleo, etc. which failed. Then I started experimenting with mushrooms. While all of these approaches have their pros and cons, I found that medicinal adaptogenic mushrooms like lion’s mane, chaga, nootropics, L-Theanine etc. These herbs are more optimal for productivity and stress while not impacting my body and emotional state the way prescription and lots of caffeine did. 



My name is Chelcy and I started Hunt for Variety in 2016 to give people more options at a one stop shop. Over the last six years it has expanded into something much bigger. Searching for exactly what you want can be hard when people have particular things they sell. With Hunt for Variety you are in control. If you want a purple body scrub that smells like pineapple or a blue body butter that smells like strawberry, then that’s what you get! Customer satisfaction is guaranteed and I’m here to increase the long list of satisfied customers by expanding outside of Minnesota! You can end your search here with Hunt for Variety where you no longer have to Hunt for what’s in front of you!


Kobi Co. is a candle company that sits at the intersection of scent, sound and self-care, pairing hand-poured luxury candles with dope playlists to help you set your vibe. We’re a mother-daughter duo who believe self-care is non-negotiable, and we want our candles & music playlists to help you be your best self, do your best work, and be the best friend, steward, and ancestor you can be. 


After much testing and research, Nature’s Syrup has become an answer for many textured hair styles including afros, the wash and go, sister locs, dread locs, and chemically styled hair in need of rejuvenation.

Nature’s Syrup products contain ingredients that are as close to nature as possible, and consist of an array of products that are socially responsible and safe. Our products cater to a population often overlooked, those with extremely dry, dull, and breaking hair, and those with extremely dry skin. Our customers have raved about the new found manageability, softness, and the health and shine of their hair after using our brand.

Pieces of Kandakes

Pieces of Kandakes is a quality jewelry brand that empowers the most powerful women of the world. Add some amazing jewelry to your collection for a special occasion, everyday wear elegantly!


Is a clothing line owned and operated by my 12 year old son and I. Which was jump started during the pandemic of 2020. We offer a variety of items such as hand sewn hair bonnets and satin Lined hats. My son and I also create customized screen-printed shirts. During the pandemic I focused on getting healthy and in shape and buy doing so I lost over 55 pounds which sparked me to create an athletic line, which offers sets, leggings, workout shirts and hand bands. Unique Styles by Ricka mission is to hire minorities of color to expose & teach them how to start their own small business as well as how to find financial wealth for themselves. 


Hello, my name is Shanee O’Neal. I am 33 years old born and raised in North Minneapolis. I currently live in Saint Paul. Graduated from Cooper High School and went on to Minneapolis community technical College and where i received my Business Certificate. Currently taking a year off to better my business. I started Regin Love Collections my girls clothing brand right before the pandemic started. I had noticed a very popular girls clothing line was going out of business. I thought what if i start a girls clothing just like them but more on the building self-esteem while being fashionable. 2020 Regin Love Was born. I had my nephew inform me that he wanted me to start a boys line. 2021 I dropped Flyy Boyz Company for the boys to let them know your Flyy and awesome.  My message behind both clothing lines and to push these kids to their high potential and i have been about to do that threw fashion.  On top of my businesses i am also a dialysis patient. But no matter what i make sure I handle my health and my business with care.


Sweet Heaven by Nne is a custom cake design boutique that provides uniquely designed cakes for any celebration. Nneka, is an artist that has chosen an edible medium by which she can share her art with the world. 


Treat Me Too Dog Treats is a local, North Minneapolis based gourmet dog treat bakery. Our mission is to bring our canine comrades closer to their human companions and to unite dog lovers in our community, one cupcake at a time!  Visit us online at WWW.TREATMETOODOGTREATS.COM  Follow us at  @TREATMETOODOGTREATS on Instagram and Facebook.


Publishing Profile:

Strive Publishing

Mary Taris is the founder of Strive Publishing and the Strive Bookstore, which centers, values, and empowers Black narratives for equity and social justice. Mary’s lived experiences and background in education influence her perspective on the power of books to bridge cultures and help shape society. 

Artists Profiles:


I am a local artist born and raised in North Minneapolis. I do acrylic paintings, cards and paint custom shoes and clothes. I am inspired by the city and the people in it.  Instagram: angeladavis1971 Facebook: Angela Davis or Angela Davis Artist


 Is a Minneapolis artist who paints in acrylic images inspired by life well a single parent of three and a overly blessed grandmother and great grandmother the family around her gives her all the content she needs to fill a canvas up with bright colors and shapes to see there is still love and joy in this world. The gift of being able to do this is amazing.  You are the witness  


Christopher E. Harrison (1965) is an Ohio native who developed a  strong drive to create at young age through his fascination with entertainment and current events. His concepts are inspired by historical flashpoints from the past and present that chronicle the Black experience the U.S. and globally. He received his BFA in 1987 Retail  Advertising from the Columbus (OH) College of Art and Design.

Harrison had a successful 15+ year career as in designer in the publishing and advertising industries as he continued to develop his fine art skills through exhibits and commissions, eventually leaving it to pursue his practice full time in 2016. He received an MFA in Studio Arts, Painting from the Art Academy University, San Francisco (CA) in 2021. Harrison currently resides and works in Minneapolis, MN. He has exhibited his work in solo and group exhibitions including MIAD (WI), Nemeth Art Center (MN), Soo Visual Art Center (MN), the Duluth Art Institute (MN), Ridgewater College (MN), Smack Mellon (NY) and the DeVos Art Museum (MI). Harrison has created public art for sites around Minneapolis as well. His work has been supported with grant funding by Jerome Foundation, Minnesota State Arts Board, the City of Minneapolis, the Elizabeth Murray Foundation, the Pollack Krasner Foundation, The Andy Warhol Foundation and MRAC Next Step. He is currently an adjunct Professor of Drawing at the University of MN-Twin Cities.


Christopheaaron’s work contextualizes conversations that challenge perceptions of critical thinking to require heightened connections and improved social engagement. He builds upon understandings about race, social civility, and benevolence.

After graduating from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design with his BFA, Christopheraaron went on to obtain his Master’s in Curriculum and Instruction in Education from the University of St. Thomas.  He later completed the Administrative (Eds) program at St. Mary’s University and a fellowship through the University of Minnesota, Urban Educators Program. He currently, works as a Culture and Climate Coordinator in Fridley Public schools.  He also facilitates restorative practices workshops and reestablishing relational connections through coordinated processes with Districts, and businesses.

Christopheraaron has taught classes at the local elementary, middle, and high schools, as well as Dakota County Technical College and The Minneapolis College of Art and Design. He is considered a mid-career artist in the Twin Cities, working on public art projects with the City of Minneapolis, and Hennepin County Facility Services to empower and engage the community.  

As a focal point of the work that he does, education and the arts is at the center. His work squarely focuses on the development of the chance to have a critical conversation about race and everyone’s role that we place in securing the future for a better more empathetic and equitable space for us.


Crystal Sokuu is a self taught visual artist who is most known for her vibrant portraits and abstract art. To bring her visions to life she uses a variety of mediums such as acrylics, oils, and pastels. She is most passionate about creating pieces that promotes self reflection, self love, and women empowerment.


Del Bey is an artist and arts educator whose work deals with the intangibility of meaning and the slipperiness of language. Coming from a background of documentary photography addressing social issues, Bey is now addressing the same issues more abstractly through ceramics. She has exhibited extensively in the midwest and nationally in venues such as The Minnesota Center for Photography (Minneapolis, MN), School of the Art Institute of Chicago (Chicago, IL), South Shore Library (Chicago, IL), and the University of Minneapolis (Minneapolis, MN). Her work appears in the collections of 3M and Family Housing Fund (Minneapolis, MN).


For the last thirty years, I have had the honor to work with multicultural groups of individuals as an artist- reflecting a level of artistic and creativity – generating positive cultural messages that reflect the heart of Minnesotans. I have collaborated with other creatives on numerous art projects in the Twin Cities. Working with these talented people have given me interchangeable skills and valuable knowledge that have enhanced my creative intelligence.

For the past several years I have worked on several commissioned public artwork installations in Minneapolis. Most current works: PURPLE RAINDROP” 15 ft. Steel Sculpture in honor of Prince, located in North Minneapolis, Farview Park. “Waterfalls” Enamel on Steel Panel located at MSP/Saint Paul International Airport. SANKOFA” 8 ft high enamel on steel mural In honor of George Floyd, located at George Floyd Square – South Minneapolis. I like to experiment with different mediums, but painting (Acrylic and Watercolor) are my first love. My work is recognizable by interesting shapes and vivid color. I focus on those everyday nuances that are often overlooked because sometimes it’s the small things that can matter.


My name is Flahn Manly, a Liberian native raised in Brooklyn Park, MN. As an artist I am focused on freedom, hope and social transformation. I aim to create engaging bodies of work that elicit love, light and positivity that brings people of all walks of life together. I truly believe unity creates change. Therefore, as a collective, it’s vital we leave the world more colorful than we found it! And there’s no better way to do it than through art.


Jeremi Hanson. Born way up north in Thief River Falls, MN. He joined the Northwest Regional Arts Magnet Arts program in High School. He excelled in Dance, Theatre and Visual Art. In 1995, he enrolled at MCAD in Minneapolis, MN. He graduated in 2001 with a BFA in Media Arts (with an emphasis on Animation). An Artist with a business mind. He is also a REEF parking manager. He manages the Energy Center Ramp in downtown Minneapolis. He loves what he does and the people he meets. But his real passion is painting. “Haters gunna Hate, and a Painter is gunna Paint”. Some of his paintings can be seen downtown in office buildings such as Capella Tower, SPS Tower and 50 South Sixth. As well as Champions Hall in Eden Prairie. He is an award-winning Pumpkin Carver too. He has created posters for a handful of bands in the Minneapolis music scene. Most recently he painted “Buck” the 10-foot-tall dog. On Lyndale and Lake Street as part of the Lyn-Lake Street Art series.


Caldwell, who grew up in north Minneapolis, has led dozens of classes with step-by-step instructions in drawing mostly Afrocentric canvas paintings as students sip wine and eat.

“I know this community and this was needed,” he said. “There’s beauty in our neighborhood. The community was calling for this, so I said I’m here.”

The Northside Economic Opportunity Network provided business counseling and a space. He charges $40 per person. “They love it,” he said of his students. “I get great feedback.”

In north Minneapolis, a community with limited entertainment options, Caldwell’s offering was an instant hit. And with the metro’s overall dearth of an upscale social scene, he also attracts black professionals from the suburbs.

In the past three months, the City of Lakes chapter of the Jack and Jill of America, the venerable organization of African-American mothers and their children, has organized just as many events with Caldwell.

“It’s an opportunity to come together and do something more refine, if you don’t want to go to bars or clubs,” said Shalonda Glass, president of the organization and a human resources consultant, “It’s also an opportunity to support a business in the African-American community.”

Cultural specific activities, like Caldwell’s parties, are increasingly important as the region grapples with losing professionals of color at a disproportionately higher rate than whites.

A University of Minnesota study found the region was No. 1 in retaining white professionals but No. 14 in the retention of minorities out of 25 major metropolitan areas.


Loretta Day – Visual Artist – a native of Norfolk, Va., studied Fine Arts at Norfolk State University in the late 70’s through early 80’s. After relocating to Minneapolis in 1983, Day continued to pursue her career as an artist by completing a 2-year program in Commercial Arts at (then) Minneapolis Technical Institute. Throughout the nineties her experiences included working with youth in Minneapolis Public Schools and Park Boards as an art teacher/assistant and community programs. After answering an artist call for the Celebration of Life Mural project in N Minneapolis in 1995, Day returned to her roots as a fine artist building her portfolio of paintings and portraits. Other experiences include numerous exhibitions at IDS, Hennepin Gallery, WorkAround, Basilica of St Mary, Pillsbury House, Obsidian Arts, MRAC, Powderhorn Art Fair, Juneteenth, FLOW, Jazz Festival to name a few. Day is currently a (founding) member of local artist group ROHO Collective. Most recent accomplishments and experience include enameling on steel as a SEED Artist for the John Biggers Seed Project. Loretta Day continues to explore every form of creative opportunity that draws her interest.


Melodee Strong received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design in Illustration and her Masters in Arts Education from the University of Minnesota. Her multifaceted practice as an artist allows her to create using a wide range of materials and techniques, however her portfolio largely consists of children’s book illustration, portraiture, community outreach projects, and murals giving attention to diverse cultures, feminism, and social justice. Melodee has participated in many gallery exhibitions, book readings, as well as presented to an array of audiences throughout her career; including Target’s Children’s Book Festivals in Minneapolis, Los Angeles, New York, and Boston. Her illustrations have received awards from the Society of Illustrators Los Angeles and Society of Illustrators New York, and she received a Teacher’s Choice, Mom’s Choice, and Moonbeam Award for her illustrations in children’s books. She has completed over 70 mural and large-scale projects in the Twin Cities and Jamaica. She is currently teaching visual art at Franklin Middle School in Minneapolis and is an adjunct instructor at MCAD, Augsburg, Metro State, and the U of M teaching courses in foundational art studies, K-12 Art Methods courses, and professional practice in illustration. She has recently earned The Minneapolis Educator Leadership Award from the Graves Foundation in 2020 and 2022.


Afro Anime Illustrator Ron Brown.  Long, yet it captures the style he creates. Many forms. Fluid lines. Drawing influence from African American artists Alex Ross, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Gordon Parks, the dynamics of Marvel comics and graffiti are equally puissant in Brown’s work. He prides his material on being accessible and founded in the realty of the five senses, and capable of hurling the viewer into the infinite possibilities behind our stimuli. Now in North Minneapolis As Curator of Walrus unique gallery focusing on north Minneapolis artist and residents.


My medium is Afrofuturism a tool which allows Me to dream outside the box of the so called Art world ,I feel like I’m on my own timeframe and vibe due to the hip-hop culture and music I strive to go beyond most stereotypical black artist description’s norms.


Who is Teneka R. Graves (Trggiftedhands) Self-taught multidisciplinary artist born and raised in city of St Paul Minnesota. Began drawing on my parents apartment walls when left alone as a toddler. Grew up with a passion for Art throughout my adolescences, competing and winning Art shows and fairs. Created my first Mural downtown Saint Paul in 2001 during my last year of high school at Saint Paul Central. Then after high school I then went on to further my education completing my bachelors from the U of MN, Majoring in Art 2005. After years of competing and doing continuous independent small grant art development projects .I stumbled upon hand burning and begin creating small artwork for earrings so I could take part in small craft shows. Which lead me to independent workshop opportunities but one in particular was through the JKMovement mentorship After-school program for SPPS. I was a Community Partner and was able to develop curriculum for grant funding, as well as teach students 6-9th grade that participated in after school. All while creating one of kind small works of art for clients and creations for online stores and boutiques. As of recently I created a 6ft x 14ft mural project outside of the Bethlehem Church in Saint Paul Midway, where I was able to have the community involved Fall of 2020. Winter of 2021- 2022 I created a Holiday themed Selfie Room alongside other ROHO Collective members. I’m currently an Art instructor for Community Education, MPLS Adult Programming for a 6 week well-being class where I’ve been teaching the students wood burning skills. My ultimate goal is to continue to share my Art, one of a kind earring creations with the world. To create Art that starts a conversation and keeps people engaged and learning.


Timi Bliss is an author, digital illustrator, and publisher of diverse children’s books that provide children of color with literature that relates, associates, and connects them to the world, and helps inform their sense of identity, self-worth and belonging. But just as important, her books provide windows into other cultures for children to learn of experiences unlike their own.

Her digital collage illustration style is influenced by the work of Ezra Jack Keats (whose books she grew up reading), Christian Robinson, and Vanessa Brantley-Newton for how they incorporate bright colors, fun patterns, and rich texture into collage art.

She is a 2018 & 2021 award recipient of the McKnight Foundation funded Metropolitan Regional Arts Council Next Step Fund grant in support of my work as a children’s book author/illustrator.

Beyond children’s literature, she has created community artwork for the Black Lives Matter street mural and Metro Transit buses and shelters in Minneapolis; and produced a virtual story time video series for the Ramsey County Library.

In 2020, she was included in the list of 10 of Minneapolis’ Most Innovative Black Entrepreneurs and Makers by Meet Minneapolis.


T’Mores Little Artist/Entrepreneur/Licensed Art Dealer Put Some Paintings on Your Wall Born and raised in North Minneapolis, T’Mores Little is a licensed art dealer who has a passion for offering quality affordable art to the community. His mobile gallery showcases his art all throughout the Northside. He just secured his 10th location and can be found carrying art throughout the city. His charismatic ability to engage and entertain is evident by his social media presence. His art is gaining interest, he was a featured artist at the FLOW art crawl which helped him gain media coverage of his art. His next step for art marketing will involve engaging youth at each school in the community, whether it’s free art supplies or teaching them something new about art. This type of community outreach makes art more accessible to underserved communities and having more artwork in the community stores assists with outreach and marketing as well. He wants to enlighten the children.


Photography captures timeless situations, ordinary people, the texture of life in the moment.

Photography expresses humor, joy and beauty.

Walter feels a responsibility to preserve a visual history documenting positive real-life images; this is the stimulus for his photography. His work expresses that philosophy through an evolving photographic style.

 Walter’s work preserves life’s interactions, captures the present for the future and provides a bridge for future generations of photographers.

 Walter’s life-long focus is capturing and preserving personal interactions. His work has been exhibited and published throughout America, Africa and Europe. He has lectured at numerous Universities throughout the United States.

 He reaches out to the next generations of photographers by leading young people’s photography workshops.

 Walter’s repertoire results from a lifetime of photographing jazz musicians, cityscapes, cultural events, dancers and the seasons of life; it is a constant voice and ever-expanding collection of unique personal images creating a universal visual history.


Minneapolis-based street photographer and newly inspired collage artist Yvette Griffea-Gray captures beauty through photography in everyday people and moments that might typically go unnoticed. Yvette began exploring hand-cut and mixed media collage as a way to continue her art practice during the 2020 shutdown and unrest in Minneapolis. In Yvette’s view, collage accurately reflects the idea that all things work together. She sees this notion mirrored in the collection of life experiences that contribute to who we are as individuals. Yvette utilizes collage to highlight black presence and joy and to express her thoughts around historical injustice, and contemporary societal issues. Yvette’s influences include Gordon Parks, Romare Bearden, and her late dear friend and mentor, Bill Cottman.

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