It’s been about 50 days since AT&T, a mpls downtown council member, introduced their mobile 5G+ mmWave network and a 5G capable mobile hot spot to customers. As the 5G leader in the U.S., they are pushing the industry and driving network and device performance improvements with their suppliers quickly.

In fact, due to a number of incremental improvements on both the network and device side, some of their early customers using 5G delivered over millimeter wave spectrum, which they call 5G+, have experienced speeds in the range of 200-300 megabits per second – and even as high as 400 megabits per second.* And they have recently observed wireless speeds surpassing 1.5 gigabits per second in field testing on their 5G+ network using a test device. **

AT&T expects 5G+ customer performance and speed to continue to improve in the coming months as they gather learnings from their real-world, commercial network, giving them a head start relative to others still looking to roll out 5G. In addition, they’re on track and expect to have a nationwide 5G network using sub-6 Ghz spectrum by early 2020.

“Getting to mobile 5G first meant pushing the industry and ourselves faster than ever before, but we did it right and blazed a trail for others to follow,” said Jeff McElfresh, President, AT&T Technology Operations. “Now that we’ve had a few weeks to let the network breathe and look at real world results, I’m very encouraged by what we’re seeing. We can’t wait to drive forward and bring 5G+ to even more consumers and businesses in the coming months.”

“It is exciting to see AT&T as one of the world’s leaders in these early innings of 5G”, says Mark Lowenstein, managing director, Mobile Ecosystem.  “This promises to be an exciting year, as we learn about initial mmWave deployments, expand coverage to more cities and across additional bands of spectrum, and see more 5G devices.”

Given this encouraging start to their 5G launch, they are moving forward in bringing 5G+ to parts of more cities in the coming months. Today, they are adding Minneapolis and Chicago, IL to the 2019 deployment roadmap.

They will join previously announced 2019 launch cities: Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Nashville, Orlando, San Diego, San Francisco and San Jose.

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