our team

steve cramer
president & ceo
baseball fan. morning workout. leader of the pack.
shannon fitzgerald
director of downtown partnerships
arts champion. book club wannabe. connecting people + organizations with ideas to create a dynamic downtown with and for all.
meghan gustafson
director of events and programming
music savant. lunch connoisseur. shaping your downtown experience one event at a time.
john kruger
social media manager
film photography. avid traveler. telling the story of downtown—add your chapter.
ki kuhnly
event manager
home chef. mindful yogi. facilitating new downtown experiences to make new core memories.
kaitlyn lawdenski
administrative & project manager
crafting queen. fierce minneadvocate. the organization sensation keeping you on schedule.
ann moore
avid reader. wooded paths. crunching numbers to make downtown dynamic.
mark rausch
director of operations
fresh air. family fun. bringing operations to life.
kathryn reali
chief operating officer
downtown resident. cabin goer. deep in the details building your downtown.
mark remme
director of communications and research
movie quotes. sports fanatic. got a story about downtown, he’d love to hear it.
ben shardlow
director of urban design
family man. avid bicyclist. helps to shape our public realm.
marybeth weisberg
membership director
baker extraordinaire. witty gal. has her eye on you for membership, join the story.
leah wong
vice president of external relations
mpls lover. outdoor adventures. a downtown champion who wants to connect with you on all things downtown.

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