Meet The Mpls Downtown Council’s 2025 Plan

Greetings – I’m Steve Cramer, the President & CEO of the mpls downtown council. Our 2025 Plan development committee is working to attract and retain businesses in the downtown area. We’re currently seeing a trend of businesses moving toward the downtown core, and we’re hoping we can provide resources to you as you help solidify deals for organizations finding office space right for them in the downtown area.

Our goal is to help businesses gather information on a possible move to downtown Minneapolis, to provide public relations support for those who have recently moved downtown, to educate with the most up-to-date information available, and to be your trusted advocate.

We’re here to lend a hand. Resources we provide and conversations we have will be confidential. Our mission is to make sure both you and the companies you are working with have the information necessary to make informed and confident decision on moving into office space downtown.

Here are a few of the many resources available on our web site:

  • Access to a database of available office spaces
  • Success stories – companies that have made the transition from suburbs to downtown, and why they love it
  • Downtown Ambassadors – able to answer questions regarding downtown amenities to perceived challenges
  • Information on transportation and parking for your employees and visitors
  • Opportunities to provide local public figures and downtown representatives at grand opening/ribbon cutting events

The 2025 Plan development committee’s office task force is focused on helping provide whatever serves your client needs to ensure a smooth and effective move downtown, including on-site informational meetings, ribbon cutting appearances, public relations strategies, and Q & A sessions.

Visit our mdc website, or visit for additional resources!

Watch for updates and information on downtown opportunities by following @mplsdowntown on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

Please let me know if you have any question.

Thank you,

Steve Cramer